Jedediah S. Smith's Contributions

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Jedediah S. Smith was born on Jan. 6, 1799.He joined a fur trading expedition lead by William Ashley when he was still in his teens. He trapped and traded until he was in his 20’s. In July 1825 he went to Henry Fork to the first ever rendezvous. In 1823 a grizzly bear ripped off his ear and part of his scalp. He escaped the bear attack alive and with no fatal injuries. In 1826 he went ahead of a pack train to arrange for that years rendezvous held in Cache Valley. Jedediah then got 18 people to go with him and retrace his steps back to California. He and his group followed the Colorado River south all the way to the villages of the Mojave Indians. While they were crossing the Colorado River a group of Mojave Indians killed 10 of the people
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