Jeep Brand: A Synonym for Ruggedness

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Jeep Brand: A Synonym for Ruggedness Yan Zhou Abstract Currently, there has been advancement in examining the brand personality, in which a general large scale of the brand personality was widely introduced and used in the researches and studies. Some showed solicitude for the difference between the brand personality and human personality (Shank & Langmeyer 1994). Others focused on the brand personality in different situations and different types of product (Hosany 2006; Beldona & Wysong 2007). The core exploration of this report is about how Jeep brand conveys the personality as well as how the brand personality positively influences the production, despite the prior studies interest in brand personality. Keywords: brand…show more content…
Broadly speaking, the brand personalities-tough, strong and powerful can be awfully represented by the 4-wheel-drive system and off-road performance of Jeep. Jeep brand benefits from the personality Keller (1993) states that successful marketing program is to create favorable brand and satisfy consumers’ needs and wants. A favorable brand personality creates more positive value to the companies. From consumers’ perspectives, brand personality is a motivation which inspires consuming. Consumers perceive the brand personality and distinguish it from other products. Keller (1993) finds that brand personality allows the consumers to purchase one brand over another. Only when a brand has a unique personality, can it influences the desires and impulsive of the consumers. Recommendation Jeep is an off-road vehicle which has high emission, which will inevitably cause a huge environmental pollution. At the same time, it makes a lot of engine noise when running and climbing. Therefore, it is suggest that the company can take some measures to solve the problem. For instance, the environmental friendly equipment can be installed in the vehicles to reduce the noise and pollution. In terms of branding, Jeep can be more flexible. Given that, it is advice that the company can create new personality to abstract more potential consumers. For example,

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