Jeeps-A way of Life Since 1941

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The very first Jeep was created in 1941. This Jeep was known as the Military Bantam AKA the MB Jeep. The United States Department of War needed a new light, cross-country, reconnaissance vehicle. Therefore an American automobile company called Willy’s-Overland and Motors created the Army’s new vehicle. This vehicle was a 2.2L engine, 4 wheel-drive, 2-door, with a 3-speed manual transmission Jeep. The “Willy’s Jeep” another name for the MB was also a ¼ ton vehicle that was the top of the line military technology. Jeeps were essential to transportation of military soldiers and equipment to designated spots. With this amazing help of the Jeep, the army was getting to its peak in World War II. Jeeps grabbed my attention and interest because not only do I own one, but I believe the iconic history of Jeeps is amazing. It amazes me that this small vehicle can have such a huge impact on history as becoming the “World War II Vehicle”. Jeeps have inspired other similar light utility vehicles and are the oldest off-road vehicle ever made. Jeeps also have a huge impact on today’s modern society. Jeeps bring society together. Jeep people have a slang term for themselves called “Jeepers”. Within today’s society there are Jeep Clubs. The aftermath of the Military Bantam Jeep, the Civilian Jeep, was another start to the legacy of Jeeps. In 1944 the CJ was brought to life with in the Jeep world. Along with all of its other brothers in the military this was the first Jeep to be used in public
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