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12th of May2012 | MBA | | Presented to: Dr. Margaret M. Hopkins Presented by: Mariam Medhat F. Gerguis Email: | [the Jeff bezos ' leadership case study] | Implementing the values he holds, his Emotional intelligence competencies, his use of the Mc. Clelland 's theory of motivation, his vision and my personal thoughts of him as a leader. | Jeff Bezos case study Jeff Bezos, the leader, had a wide set of values that he obviously followed in all the different decisions he took. The clearest ones are that he is creative, ambitious, broad minded, adventurous, courageous, intellectual and helpful. He has been creative as he thought out of the box and used some statistics about the internet usage rate…show more content…
. . . If you don 't have a willingness to be misunderstood for a long time, then you can 't have long term orientation." Also in the interview he says "I am very optimistic. I am generally a very happy person." And "you have to be stubborn and focused." And "Entrepreneurship is really more about the state of mind that it is about working for yourself." He also showed a great deal of knowing what he really wanted when he was asked in the interview by Kevin Maney if he had a list for his spouse he replied "I kind of did. I wanted a woman who could get me out of a third world prison. It was really just visualization for resourcefulness, because people who are not resourceful drive me bananas." He knew himself, and knew what he wanted in life whether business or personal life, a quality I admire. Also he had a good deal of self assessment. In the Harvard Review page 80 he answered "I think most big errors are errors of omission rather than errors of commission" when asked about what he believes to be his mistakes. This indicates a wide array of self assessment sessions that he does. Fortune interview showed how Bezos admits wrong decisions, which is a crucial part of self assessment when he said "We were investors in every bankrupt. . . . it didn 't take us off our mission but it was a waste of capital". Other than being generally clear in all interviews with Bezos, his self-confidence

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