Jeff Boatright Mentors

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As the only Alaskan team, we many not have access to NASA workspaces or Microsoft engineers, however, we are able to work with brilliant people who genuinely care about us. Our mentors help us to enjoy robotics while preparing us for the future by stretching our skill sets. This is why we want to honor our mentor, Jeff, with an award that shows him we appreciate all that he does for us. Many people get lost in the idea that FIRST is only notable for the building of astonishing robots, but there’s an underlying importance of connecting with others on a personal level. Despite the fact that this is Jeff Boatright’s first year with the program, he is already helping each team member to grow. As he walks past students in the fabrication lab, he’s smiling, and happily engages in conversation with other team members by asking questions such as “how are you doing”, and “what are you guys working on?” As a mentor, Jeff is constantly searching for ways to assist in constructing and designing many components of the robot. During the development of our shooter, not only did he contribute to the building of the robot, but also helped emphasize the significance of building critical thinking and problem-solving skills for each individual.…show more content…
Most years our team only has matching t-shirts, but never fully embraces the spirit of the FRC theme. This year however, Jeff is putting his upholstery skills to the test. By using leather and his skills from working as a tailor we will have complete team costumes for competition. Jeff has used his own time outside of our team meetings to work on creating leather aprons and hats for every member of the team. His dedication to the spirit of FIRST is providing us with the full steampunk experience. We are not only using materials that look like they come from the victorian era, we are
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