Jeff Jacoby’s Bring Flogging Back

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In Jeff Jacoby’s essay Bring Flogging Back, he discusses whether flogging is the more humane punishment compared to prison. Jacoby uses clear and compelling evidence to describe why prisons are a terrible punishment, but he lacks detail and information on why flogging is better. In the essay he explains how crime has gotten out of hand over the past few decades, which has lead to the government building more prisons to lock up more criminals. His effort to prove that current criminal punishment is not perfect or even effective is nicely done, but he struggled with discussing ways that flogging could lower the crime rates and provide a safer environment for America.
Jacoby uses many claims about how crime in the United States has grown and
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This question provokes an emotional response, persuading the reader to believe that flogging is a quick physical punishment, where imprisonment is a long physical and emotional sentence that in most cases is unnecessary.
Throughout the entire essay, Jacoby uses a very purposeful and believable tone. It is clear that he is avid on supporting the start of flogging as punishment, and lowers the prison rates. He uses evidence to display how prison is bad and how terrible some criminals can be to each other. The writer uses fair evidence to describe how the prison is bad, however his evidence is not fair toward flogging. Jacoby needs to add more details on why flogging would be benefited because he only used short explanations or none at all. He came across as a bit bias toward flogging over prison, which would be prosecuted easier if he said a few aspects of the prison system that was alright and discussed flogging more. Jacoby proves his point, but does not at the same time. He clearly states that the justice system needs to be changed and he thinks flogging would be better. However he needs to go deeper into the topic to fully declare one better than the other.
Jacoby used logos to persuade the reader to believe flogging is the more logical and humane aspect to punishment compared to prison. He used many statistics and his references were creditable. His evidence was valid to the argument and helped to discuss the subject in a

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