Jeff Lynne

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The song, “Mr. Blue Sky,” by the Electric Light Orchestra, is about how the writer, Jeff Lynne, was not able to think of anything for a song for two weeks. Then, Lynne conquered the darkness he was in and wrote a great deal of songs. This song could also mean that when we are in tough times, we should look forward to the great times, and when they come, we need to celebrate. In the song, Electric Light Orchestra repeatedly mentions celebration of Mr. Blue Sky, or the sky, through a great deal of personification, a literary device. Firstly, the people in the song celebrate Mr. Blue Sky and show happiness in these lines “Sun is shining in the sky/There ain't a cloud in sight/It's stopped rainin everybody's in a play/And don't you know/It's a beautiful new day, hey hey.” These lines show that it is sunny and everyone is joyous and cheerful. Next, the people in the song show their need of the new day and the sky through these lyrics, ”Mr. Blue Sky/Please tell us why/You had to hide away/For so long (so long)/Where did we go wrong?” This is saying that the people need this happiness and do not want it to leave. In the next lines, the people give credit to Mr. Blue Sky through these lines,”Hey there mister blue/We're so pleased to be with you/Look around, see what you do/Everybody smiles at you.” This shows that the people enjoy the sky when it comes out. The people show that they are celebrating the new…show more content…
Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra is accordingly best shown through the lyric,”Hey there Mr. Blue/We're so pleased to be with you/Look around see what you do/Everybody smiles at you,” This lyric uses personification to show how Mr. Blue Sky should look around and see how cheerful he made everyone. Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr. Blue Sky” tells anyone who is in tough times to keep fighting and you will carry through, and to people who are in exceptional times, celebrate and do not take them for
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