Jefferson Davis : The Civil War

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The date was June 28th, 1861. On this day, Jefferson Davis Tant was born to William and Mattie Tant of Paulding County, Georgia (Tant 16-17). His namesake was derived from the Confederate president who had presided over one of America’s bloodiest conflicts: the Civil War (17). Merely two months and sixteen days before, this war had officially begun. Shortly thereafter, Tant’s father, William, heeded the call of the Confederacy and left his family behind to fight against the Union armies (17-18). Three years later, the war had reached Tant’s home in northern Georgia. The homestead that he had labored to establish there was destroyed five days before the Battle of New Hope Church occurred, leaving his wife and three young sons to fend for themselves amid a hostile environment (12-15). This was J.D. Tant’s first taste of what the world offered. The years following the War, his parents did what they could to provide for their children. When William Tant returned home, he attempted to retrieve the deeds to some of his property, but it was promptly stolen by a man named Babe Forsythe (20). William proceeded to move his family to South Georgia where he tried his hand at farming, trading, carpentry, and various other odd jobs, but none of these occupations yielded any sustainable income (21). By 1876, however, William Tant had set his sights on a new horizon: Texas. In the fall of that same year, the family packed up the few belongings they possessed and made the journey westward
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