Jeffrey B Scully's New Jersey

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Jeffrey B Scully grew up in Orlando, Florida until the age of 15 when his family moved back To New Jersey. The benefit of moving to New Jersey for Jeff was because hockey was more popular in New Jersey than Florida. He played for different travel teams, his High school team, Rutgers-Camden and now he plays for a men’s hockey league. As you can see he has a passion and loyalty for his endeavors and he has carried on through his career. Being a Rutgers alumnus, who graduated in 2011 with a bachelor degree majoring in Political science. He had a passion for libertarianism, which is a group that supports minimal state involvement in lives of citizens. Attending Rutgers, Scully recruited and created a Chapter in Young Americans for Liberty club, to educate students on libertarians.
Furthermore, after he graduated from Rutgers he pursued law school and took the LSAT scoring high, he eventually decided that he could not agree with the governments ruling on certain cases enough to make a career out of. He then moved down to Washington dc to be at the center of the action and accepted an internship at FreedomWorks to be a Campaigns Intern. After 5 short months, he was hired full-time at FreedomWorks and climbed the ladder from campaigns intern to activist relations coordinator, then to an outreach manager. In addition to his advancements, he was picked by his superiors to have the opportunity to travel to different countries such as Belgium and Serbia to inform others on the…

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