Jeffrey Baldwin was just five years old when he passed away on November 30th, 2002, just under two

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Jeffrey Baldwin was just five years old when he passed away on November 30th, 2002, just under two months from his next birthday (Estate, 2006). Jeffrey had a rough childhood growing up because wherever he went he faced abuse and neglect. His parents were also accused of physical abuse towards him and his sister. In 1998 Jeffrey was moved out of the house by the CCAS and moved into his grandparents’ home. This is when the true horror would come to life for Jeffrey. He would be locked in a room with his sister. They would sit for hours in the crib and would not be allowed out of the room since it was locked on the outside. Forced to stay in the room Jeffrey had no choice but to urinate and relieve himself in his pants and on his bed. Then,…show more content…
When Jeffrey passed away he was in the custody of his grandparents Elva Bottineau and Norman Kidman. Although Norman was not biologically related to Jeffrey he was still considered one of the primary caregivers along with Elva (Estate, 2006). A little bit of background history about Elva and Norman. In 1970, Elva was “sentenced to one year of probation for assaulting her five-month-old daughter Eva, who had died of pneumonia” (The Canadian Press, 2014). Elva then had two more children and got together with Norman Kidman. In 1978, Norman was “convicted of assaulting two of Bottineau's children from a previous relationship” (The Canadian Press, 2014). To put things into retrospect the Catholic Children’s Aid Society removed Jeffrey and his sister from his parents to escape their abuse, only to be put with people who are much worse. At the time that the CCAS was moving Jeffrey, there was no policy that required a Child Protection Worker (CPW) to complete a criminal background check on family (Estate, 2006). Essentially, due to one piece of paper not being completed, Jeffrey fell into the hands of the devil. Interesting enough, the two children from Elva’s earlier relationship were also removed due to abuse from Norman which led to his assault charges in 1978. Fred Kraut was the first son of Elva and he stated that he too was abused, along with his sister (Estate, 2006). Fred was shoved into a dog cage for hours on end
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