Jeffrey Dahmer : An Strange Boy

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Chelsea Parreira
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20 January 2015
Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21, 1960 in Milwaukee Wisconsin to Joyce and Lionel Dahmer. Jeffrey Dahmer grew up a very joyful, outgoing, happy kid. Dahmer was like this until his brother was born. After the birth of his brother, he seemed lonely as if he was seeking love and attention. Around the age of 6, Dahmer had a double hernia operation. Joyce and Lionel Dahmer soon realized that their son had really changed. Dahmer was shy and kept to himself, almost as if he felt almost incomplete. Around the age of 15, Dahmer was a very strange boy. He started questioning a lot of things such as his sexuality, his sexual desires and his obsessive interest in death. Dahmer stated at his trial that around this age he had created his own cemetery of dead animals. He would walk around with garbage bags and collect dead animals. Then he would experiment with them in ways that he would later do to humans such as drilling holes in their heads and chopping off their body parts. Jeffrey Dahmer was the most notorious serial killer in history because his killing spree lasted for 13 years until he was caught, Dahmer performed a series of crimes on all the victims and he received the maximum penalty that he could have possibly received.
For 13 years dahmer got a way with multiple gruesome murders. The first murder was in 1978. Dahmer was only 18 years old when he picked up hitchhiker Steven Hicks. Dahmer had…

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