Jeffrey Dahmer : An Strange Boy

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Chelsea Parreira Ms.Meredith English 1 CP Period 9 20 January 2015 Jeffrey Dahmer Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21, 1960 in Milwaukee Wisconsin to Joyce and Lionel Dahmer. Jeffrey Dahmer grew up a very joyful, outgoing, happy kid. Dahmer was like this until his brother was born. After the birth of his brother, he seemed lonely as if he was seeking love and attention. Around the age of 6, Dahmer had a double hernia operation. Joyce and Lionel Dahmer soon realized that their son had really changed. Dahmer was shy and kept to himself, almost as if he felt almost incomplete. Around the age of 15, Dahmer was a very strange boy. He started questioning a lot of things such as his sexuality, his sexual desires and his obsessive interest in…show more content…
After Hicks was dead dahmer maturbated over the coupse of the body. Later dahmer would chop up the body and put it into an acid that would turn everything to a liquid solution aside from the bones which he would smash up and throw in the woods by his house. After this first murder dahmer realized it made him feel better. Dahmer didn 't want people to leave him so when he would kill them and do the things he did with them it made him feel complete, as if there was a part missing and when he did this he felt like a whole again. If I 'd been thinking rationally I would have stopped. I wasn 't thinking rationally because it just increased and increased. It was almost like I wanted to get to a point where it was out of my control and there was no return. I mean, I was very careful for years and years, you know. Very careful, very careful about making sure that nothing incriminating remained, but these last few months, they just went nuts… It just seemed like it went into a frenzy this last month. Everything really came crashing down. The whole thing started falling down around my head… That was the last week I was going to be in that apartment building. I was going to have to move out and find somewhere to put all my possessions. Should I get a chest and put what I wanted to keep in that, and get rid of the rest? Or should I put an end to this, try to stop this and find a better direction for my life? That 's what
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