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Biography On: Jeffrey Dahmer

Section I: Introduction:

Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the most well known serial killers ever. Dahmer was no ordinary serial killer. He was a killer, necropheliac, and a cannibal. The purpose of this report is to learn more about this serial killer.

Section II: Overview

•     “Jeffrey Dahmer was born May 21, 1960, at Evangelical Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin” (Blakey).
•     “Jeffrey Dahmer was found beaten by fellow inmates on the morning of November 28, 1994, as was pronounced dead at 9:11 a.m.” (Blakey).

•     Jeffrey Dahmer given life imprisonment on 15 counts of murder committed in Wisconsin and one committed in Ohio, for
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When Dahmer entered the first grade, Lionel noticed Dahmer had become very shy and showed a general lack of self-confidence. Jeffrey became distant, in comparison to his outgoing self earlier in his life. At age 15, Dahmer would ride around with plastic bags collecting animal remains for his own personal cemetery. He would strip the flesh from the bodies of dead animals that he had found. Dahmer had a fascination with stripping the flesh off dead animals. Dahmer had pets of his own, but had no means of hurting them. Dahmer soon became more isolated which soon brought him to fulfill his fantasies of having sex with dead people and creatures.

Section IV: Dahmer’s Crimes
Dahmer seemed like a very disorganized killer. He seemed much like a particular killer. Dahmer wasn’t very smart. He was below average intelligence, low or average birth status, was socially immature, and he seldom dated (Pringle). Dahmer hung out at gay bars and picked up homosexuals, particularly African-Americans. At the crime scenes, he left his victims dismembered. Dahmer would lead the victims back to his house, drug them, sexually assault the victims, and then dismember them. Dahmer would use acid to take away the skin from the skulls of the victims and then keep these skulls as trophies for his fantasies. Dahmer would also dismember the bodies of the victims and keep them in his apartment for safekeeping. When the police

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