Jeffrey Dahmer : Serial Killer

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Jeffrey Dahmer is considered to be one of the top serial killers of all time. Jeffrey is believed to be a top serial killer for several reasons, as he would drug and strangle his victims to death, he would also do a ritual to most of his victims over and over again. He had a necrophilia problem and would torcher his victims. In this research paper I will explain why it was believe that Jeffrey did what he did to his victims. I will tell about Jeffrey’s life as a child to his life as killer and finally leading to his death. To begin, Jeffrey Dahmer was known for being a huge serial killer, born on May 21, 1960 and died on November 28, 1994. His life as a child was extremely different compared to other people. Jeff was considered to be a weird kid. No one would talk to Jeffrey. In a book called The Killers among Us, tells us the different stories of different serial killers in history. It tells us their stories and victims. The main section of the book that I read was in chapter 12, talks about the serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. The book tells us not only who he kills but how he would kill them. The chapter started off telling us his life as a child and his family. Jeffrey had a tough childhood he wasn’t liked by the other kids in his school, Jeffrey was looked at as being a weird kid. It eventually goes into his later life as being a killer then to his death in prison. Jeffrey would gruesomely kill his victims. There was a total of 17 men that he had killed. As a kid,…

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