Jeffrey Dahmer: Serial Killers

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In a country that is keen on keeping their people safe you would think that also meant their resources, nature, and animals. Animal cruelty laws are becoming more prominent to authorities and Congressmen. As of March 14, 2014 all states have felony animal cruelty provisions. (Chris Berry, 2014) Although there are harsh punishments people continue to harm animals. The people that are abusing the animals are most likely under some emotional toll tugging on their life turning their life to pain and sorrow. Some of these people turn to violence. Most serial killers practiced their signature and developed their way to kill on animals. People that abuse animals stem from abusive parents or a significant life changing emotional toll. Jeffrey Dahmer is a serial killer that abused people, animals, and alcohol. Jeffrey became withdrawn in his teenage years and turned his attention toward alcohol and animals. At first Jeffrey would kill the animals. Dahmer caught the animals and tortured them until he killed them. After he killed them he impaled the animals heads on sticks. Dahmer became a sex offender and then started his killing spree before being arrested and convicted of murder. Dahmer preyed on young men. The people that abuse animals are not always serial killers, but sometimes there is more to a person then the eye can see. Jeffrey was a homosexual that could not let his parents see his true colors.…show more content…
The types of animal abuse are strangling, neglect, shooting, hoarding, beating, and fighting. These animals that suffer these types of abuse are more likely to harm their owners or others and become depressed. This depression can also happen to humans and cause them to take their anger out on people or their
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