Jeffrey Dahmer : Understanding Criminal Minds

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A Jeffrey Dahmer Story Tyler Jones Understanding Criminal Minds December 1, 2014 Jeffrey Dahmer Fantasies can be strengthened by great amount of sex drive that assists in unusual behaviors; sexual murders are based on fantasies. The purposes of the fantasies are to take control of the victims; the killer wants the control because he/she has sought it since childhood. It is known that very few serial killers have healthy relation with their parents.
 “Jeffrey was born on May 21 in 1960, in Milwaukee; his parents were Lionel and Joyce Dahmer. Joyce ‘s father was severely alcoholic and he was distant and uninvolved with her. Joyce had problems during her pregnancy and started taking drugs to treat her sickness” (Fischoff, 1996). After Jeffrey was born he had difficulties with his legs and needed help with his legs for four months. Despite this problem he seemed to grow up as a healthy beautiful child, but at one point his mother started to refuse to breast-feed him. Since she could not handle breast-feeding, this increased her consumption of antidepressant and psychotropic drugs. “The couple moved six times in their first years of marriage. In 1962, the family moved to Iowa. Lionel had been accepted to a doctoral program in chemistry; in this period Jeffrey got sick very often and required several injections to treat the infections” (Fischoff, 1996). “When he started preschool his interest for insects and animals was starting to take form, in facts,
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