Jeffrey Kluger Why We Love Summary

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The article written by Jeffrey Kluger, “Why We Love”, speaks about one of the most controversial topics among all the generations. It begins by presenting its topic which is why a person choose to have sex with one person, to the point in which that they conceive a child. It is not only the sex part that is controversial in this topic but what causes a person to be in love or to feel attracted by another person. The person that is usually in love don’t measure any risk and just want to spend the rest of their lives with one another and do many things that they have not done for anyone. Whenever a person is choosing a mate or is in love with someone, they always look at different characteristics that makes the opposite sex to feel attracted.…show more content…
The person feel attracted to the smell that they feel comfortable around. People usually have a smell that they like more and whenever they smell that scent the person would automatically look around to find from where is that smell that is grabbing their attention. These reactions are caused by the pheromones that are scent signaling chemicals that happen in animals. In addition, it was mention that the woman who are ovulating are more attractive to men than women who are not ovulating. Also, men’s show more loving and affections toward their partners when they are ovulating than when they are not. However, smell is not the only factor that a person should take in consideration when trying to find a mate to conceive a child with.
A person should look for someone that has a different MHC. The major histocompatibility complex or more known as MHC is in charge to find foreign molecules in vertebrates and determines the histocompatibility, which is in charge of tissue rejection. If a person choose some that have similar MHC conceiving a children would be impossible. In addition, research have shown that women choose a man with different MHC. Also, having a different MHC leads to a born baby, than having a baby that have the same MHC the woman is at risk of having a miscarriage or the fetus would be expelled from the mother’s
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