Jehovah 's Witnesses During The Nazi Regime

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All you have to do is sign this document and all your suffering and pain will end, now will you sign, or not? This is a decision that many of Jehovah’s Witnesses during the Nazi Regime faced. What did this document contain? It stated that they would abandon their beliefs and faith in Jehovah God and pledge loyalty to the man behind their persecution of not only them, but also persecutor of the gypsies, Jews, and other groups of people he hated, he was Adolf Hitler. Jehovah’s Witnesses had a number of their human rights violated during the Holocaust. Foremost though, what are human rights? According to, human rights are, “The rights you have simply because you are human.” There are thirty human rights that are found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that people should apply, but sadly don’t. The book Stolen Into Slavery by Judith Dennis and Fradin explains another group of people that were violated of their human rights, 19th century slaves. These slaves were required to labor and suffer pain in the South, but some of these slaves were actually free black men from the northern states (where slavery was illegal) who had been lured into the southern states (where slavery was legal and encouraged) like Solomon Northup was a victim to this scam. Jehovah’s Witnesses and slaves were persecuted in a homogeneous manner, in a sense that both groups were tortured, imprisoned and taken away to another country or location, and they were also stripped of
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