Jem Finch Monologue Analysis

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Draft: Jem n I been havin’ a lovely talk on the way to ‘is home, was a whole lot bigger then my pa’s house. Folks say Mr. Finch is a lawyer, that explains why he has a big house, you for sure make a lot more money as a lawyer. As we reached the decorated stairs, Jem began to dash through the door, I heard a muffled shout from inside as a tall figure appeared. That was Mr. Finch. He extended his hand toward me as a welcome, I dallied be4e shakin it, no hand that clean had ever shaken mine before. “ This is Cunningham Jr. I presume”. I nodded with a smile, afraid to let off that I had zero clue what that word meant. He turned his back on me 'n lead the way. I followed Mr. Finch through the entrance into the dining area, Jem was there, but…show more content…
“Excuse me Mr. Finch, do you happen to have molasses in the house” He called the cook over 'n asked her to get the pitcher of molasses 'n within a minute it was by my side. I was makin use of the syrup in the pitcher as I heard yappin from my left. It was…show more content…
Maybe the molasses wasn't 4 me? Did Jean want some? I guess I was confused as well, either way I knew I had too put down the pitcher. The silver saucer clattered on impact 'n all eyes were on me. I ignored my food 'n looked into my lap, hopin to avoid the attention. I guess it didn't work, because the next thing I heard was Jean protestin “But he’s gone 'n drowned his dinner in syrup, he's poured it all over-” Jeans voice came to a quick halt, I looked up to see why. It was the cook, she was in the kitchen frontin a piercing gaze at us, I quickly ducked down again, hopin the gaze wasn't directed at me. I heard Scout get up 'n pace reluctantly towards the kitchen 'n released a deep exhale in relief. Atticus looked at me. “I'm really sorry about Scout son, she didn't mean to embarrass you, she just doesn't have guests around”. I nodded, pretending I believed him. Jem got up 'n left the table, so I followed, as we walked out I couldn't believe I had made such a fool of myself. One things 4 sure, that'll be the last time you'll ever see me having dinner with people like the
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