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Career Goals Paper Jennifer Barth PSY/215 6/22/2015 Linda Porcaro Career Goals Paper My career assessment test turned out just the way I thought it would the results was very interesting. From the assessment test the results touched base in many areas for the career I’m interested in such as psychology. My test results are : * conscious of existence , meaning, purpose, potential and destiny of humankind, people, and self. * Motivated by a self-felt, self-accepted calling to cause of good , growth, and gain in the lives of others. Influential communication of ideas is a primary way of achieving those objectives. Perception and thinking tend to be holistic and conceptual ; as myself seeing the big picture. Working with…show more content…
Another part of my results reads that being moderate by on stage in order to pleasantly influence others toward a particular viewpoint. Last to how I relate to people reads I does not prefer to have responsibility for, or involvement in ,negotiating activities. Things how I relate to things, in prioriy order working with things, manipulation and processes, and cognizance of operational and mechanical forces or objects, highlights my worker trait section. The results states that my preferences and motivations in vocational are not oriented toward routine, alert monitoring, recording, and reportings of operational or machine processes. Such activity is too clerical for my preferences. As I was told by my husband I don’t have mechanical savvy. The findings also explained that I would be more likely not motivated to engage in activities requiring close, constant attention to precise standards. My motivations are not compatible with assembly activity where one is locked into operatopnal processes. So manual labor is definelty out of the question for any job I will work at in the near future. Data and how I relate to data in priority order this section identifies my prefernces , motivations and priorities for certain kinds of mental activities. If interests and preferences are primarily intellectual , academic, scholarly , scientific, mathematical, or professional, this may be the most
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