Jenna Zarroli Narrative

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Jena Zarroli and I were stuck in the same Spanish class together my freshman year of high school. I guess you could say we bonded over our mutual hatred for it. But I never would've guessed that we'd later go on to become best friends. School ended and summer began, but Jena and I rarely hung out. Not until a few weeks later anyways, when we had the most outrageously funny sleepover I'd had possibly ever. After that we were practically inseparable, so inseparable to the extent that I even started going to work with her to help out. We usually worked late nights. And boy did we goof off. But things got done none the less. Afterwards, I would sleep over at her house. Some nights we wouldn't have to work. Even so we never got bored. There were…show more content…
We went outside to listen to music.. and think. Jena rode her skateboard and I rode her bike. I only wish I had payed more attention to the shadowy figure at the end of the street before riding down that way, with my headphones in and my focus on other things I was practically blind. But not even Jena's music was loud enough to block out the sound of the gunshot, and my scream as I fell to the asphalt paralyzed. She ran to me but by the time she got there I was already gone.. The afterlife is definitely not as pleasant when you go the way I did. My death was followed by pain and agony worse than the gunshot that took my life that night. And months later the incident was still weighing on Jena's shoulders. It's hard being able to see someone in so much pain but not able to help them through it. I wanted my best friend back. I wanted her happy. It took quite a bit of effort but I didn't want to follow Jena through her life as a ghost anymore. So I became her guardian angel. And just in time, it was the start of her senior year. Now it's my job to watch over her, and I planned on starting out with her mood. But the only thing that would make her happy is something I can't give.. I needed to act fast. Day by day my best friend was slipping into a worsened the state of sadness. So, I decided to tweak the system a little bit. And by system I mean rules of the afterlife
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