Jenni Lake Case Study Essay

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The case of Jenni Lake

Stage 3 astrocytoma also called anaplastic astrocytoma is a tumor which the causes are still unknown. It attacks the brain and the spinal cords. The treatment for this tumor is rude. This case present a girl, Jenni Lake, 17 years old, which suffers of this disease. She was diagnosed with 3 tumors on her brain and 3 others on her spine. However, she is young and has the great chances to recover from her tumors. Nevertheless, the treatment required some restrictions and is not favorable to some health conditions like pregnancy. Then, while she was doing her treatment, she was confused because she discovered her pregnancy. If she decides to keep the pregnancy, she has to stop the treatment and cut her chance to recover
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She can enjoy the phases of pregnancy and feel the joy that somebody else is growing in her. She needs to be healthy to take part of her baby life because nobody can replace a mother and no love is greater than a mother…show more content…
There are many orphans in the world who just ask for a love from a mother. By adopting a baby or a child, she would give happiness of somebody else, she would take care of somebody in need, and she will make a humanitarian action. Some morals rules which apply here are:
- utilitarianism: this theory asserts that the morally right action is one that produce the most favorable balance of good over evil, everyone considered: is she decides to interrupt her pregnancy, she would save her life, continue her love with her boyfriend, have baby later by delivering or adopting and be a good mother for her children
- Ethical egoism: that theory asserts that the morally right action is the one that produce the most favorable balance of good over evil for one self. By taking that decision, she twill think about her first and save her life
- Perfect duty which is duty that has expectation. By stopping her pregnancy, she would expect to recover and have another
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