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Board Essay
Mark could never imagine that this telephone call could change his life forever. “Whenever I think about what happened, I always think that it is a miracle that changed my life. It’s like my accidental destiny!” Mark said.
Twenty years ago, when Mark was a twenty-five-year-old man, he was still living in a garret of one of the oldest building in New York City. He used to work as an effective worker of a small chocolate factory. He specialized in making the confectionery from chocolate and cocoa. He then quit his job because of his dissatisfaction with the treatment of the manager and the poor condition of working there. He was unemployed for the time being and lived on very little. However, he still continued carrying
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“Yes, I do” Mark said “I will meet you at 8 a.m.”
The next day, Mark came to ChocoChips Company to meet Mr. Springfield. They had a long conversation. Not only Mr. Springfield but also all of the other board members of the company were very impressed by Mark’s idea. As a result, he was employed and in charge of product development. Since then, his life has changed completely. By his excellent abilities, Mark made the board, especially the CEO, feels so satisfied with his work. He has created many excellent flavours of the confectionery which have been loved by children all over the world. The sales of the company has raised a lot accordingly. Within ten years, he got a lot of promotions and became a very famous man.
Mark is not a poor unemployed man anymore. He now is the CEO of ChocoChips Company. He took over from the previous one – Mr. Springfield – after his retirement. He has moved to live in an extremely luxurious apartment in Manhattan, New York. Many people want to be like Mark Potter. He is praised for his succession and his great career. Somebody even said that Mark had changed the face of the confectionery industry of the USA. However, whenever Mark was asked about his secret of succession, he just says: “If it had not been for that accidentally wrong call, I would not have had the career like I have today. That phone call did change my life
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