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Jennifer Deison-Akerly What Are My Personal Values? What do I consider my core personal values? A value can be defined as trait or attribute inherently desired. In essence, they are intangible qualities that are deemed worthy of possessing. Yet, I have never given much thought to identifying what my desirable qualities were as a person. I believe through my life I have I claimed or believed I had values which guided me, but I made these claims without consciously identifying these values. This seems rather problematic. Essentially what I am considering is this, that the set of positive standards that are to be used to guide or determine how I distinguish from right or wrong, the principles that help regulate my…show more content…
Both have always been able to choose right from wrong, hold themselves accountable and stay their course. Thus, this situation has affected them more than anyone. Truthfully, there was a moment that I contemplated keeping this from them. Then again, they are my motivation in this life. I have raised them to never shy away from responsibility, to be honest and understanding. So I chose to share my story with them. I wanted them to understand the severe consequences I could have experienced, and because I wanted to set a good example of accountability. Admitting to them that I used such terrible judgement has left one distinct thought pounding in my heart, resonating in my soul and commanding my mind lately. That is, that I never want to feel this way again. I never again want to risk having my children become disappointed in my actions, be embarrassed by their mom or worse, have them question what I have taught them. So how do I prevent that from occurring and how do I ensure I am acting with the intentions I believe in? It starts by being able to articulate them in writing and then putting them into action. Again, values only become valuable if we act using them as our guide. The mere essence of expressing and developing moral values is to use them every day without hesitation. I consider myself to be a very emotionally intelligent and intuitive

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