Jennifer Lawrence Is Best Known For Being One Of The Most Convincing Young Actors

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Jennifer Lawrence has swooped into the realm of stardom, and is stealing the hearts of America- without even trying! At only 25 years of age, this young goddess is dominating the screen with her versatile and natural talents. Although she has had no formal acting training, she has proven time after time that she can keep up with the “big dogs” of acting. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her quirky and charismatic charm, and we viewers are falling in love just watching her! But who is this young ray of sunshine, behind the intense actress? If you haven’t yet, here are five reasons to fall in love with the very real girl who lives behind all the fame.

Number Five: Her Talents and Success. Jennifer Lawrence is best known for being one of the most convincing young actors to hit the screens. This academy-award winning actress is renowned for her versatility, and has earned praise for her starring roles in Winter’s Bone, X-Men, and The Hunger Games trilogy. Recently, she has stunned audiences with her part in The Silver Linings Playbook. This has shown that she excels not only as a powerful, gritty young woman, but also as a feminine lead in this romantic comedy. All of her talents are completely natural, as she has never had any formal acting training. When asked how she gained her acting skills, she admits that she was “a big liar when [she] was a child”. Besides her beautiful personality, her awe-inspiring cinematic performances are
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