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Jennifer Persaud Professor Adams Music 101 April 2017 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Johann Chrysostom Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in 1756 and died in 1791. Shortly after his birth in Salzburg, Austria, he was baptized as Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart however, he just went by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. As aforementioned, his baptism refers to the religious rite of a person that belongs to a Christian Church. His mother, Anna Maria Mozart and his father, Leopold Mozart had seven children together however, only two of them survived; Maria Anna and Wolfgang Amadeus. His elder sister, Maria Anna, was nicknamed Nannerl. She was just as talented as her brother however, decause of…show more content…
While working freelance, Mozart wrote numerous operas and he was even asked to write a requiem, which is a piece of music used to honor someone who had died. Mozart was a virtuoso on the piano. A virtuoso refers to someone who is highly skilled on his or her instrument. Mozart played keyboard and violin while his sister only played the keyboard. At the early age of 3, Mozart was showing signs of being musically gifted and began composing shortly after. Both he and his sister received intense musical training which, in turn, allowed Mozart the opportunity to grow as a musician. It became certain that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a child prodigy. This meant that he had a skill that was not learned. He had a natural gift for music. Their father, Leopold began teaching his children music at a young age. Because of this, both children were destined to get far in their musical careers. Over his short life, Mozart wrote several operas. His most famous operas include; The Marriage of Figaro, The Magic Flute and La Clemenza di Tito. Operas and plays that are entirely sung. Each of Mozart’s operas have a story behind it. For example, The Marriage of Figaro is a comedy about a couple trying to get married but, a series of obstacles interferes with it. Because Mozart showed a talent for music at the young age of six, his father took him and his sister to play in from of a court and they caught the attention of important individuals. This resulted in a tour.

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