Jennifer Procopio Research Paper

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I Jennifer Procopio, came to know christ in three ways, one is by my parents, by attending church, and when I attended church school. My parents taught me about Jesus christ when I was young. I learned that Jesus Christ is the son of God, that he sacrificed himself for us, and I learned that he is the person who has created the world. I am glad that my parents have taught me about Jesus Christ because he is always here with us in the good and the bad days. I attend church with my family every Sunday, the church we attend is named “ Immaculate Heart of Mary.” Every Sunday we go to listen to the word of God because it is important to know what God is telling us. The bible is inspiring because it is the word of God and the person who created the world.Every Sunday I learn and understand about the meaning of God.…show more content…
What i got from the retreat was that we sometimes forget that Jesus is here with us and by helping us to not forget was by doing different lectures of not forgetting about jesus because he never forgets about us. I believe that jesus is always here to protect us and to guide us wherever we go. I am glad that I attended this retreat because it was a really great experience for me and very inspiring because they gave out a lot of lectures of jesus and I learned a lot from them. I thank my family, and the staff at church for teaching me about jesus christ from the very beginning. My relationship with Jesus christ is very important to me because I thank him everyday for my family and giving us more opportunities to accomplish our goal and to make a difference in our
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