Jennifer’s Dark Past

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This is the other part of the story, the one no one asks about or knows about. It’s the part of the story my parents never wanted to hear about. The part of the story that turned me into what I became. I was one of those girls who developed at a faster rate than the others. By the time I was a freshman my bra size was a 36C. As I stepped through the doors of school that year, I noticed the stares I got from all the guys. Warnings my mother had told me rang in my ears, “all the want is one thing.” “Don’t let them lure you in it’s a trap don’t listen to there phony pick up lines.” That was when my problems started; boys were always asking me out. I know that to any other girl that’s not known as a problem, but for me I knew why they…show more content…
But they kept it hidden they didn’t want to scar their names; they only cared about their reputations. That’s when everything got worse, my father sent me away to college, and I knew they were glad that I was gone. I went to NYU and New York isn’t the best place to send a depressed girl with lots of problems. I started using drugs the money my dad sent me for school books and tuition used on drugs. I stopped going to school and moved in with a guy named Royce. He was a drug dealer and he kept me in good supply. My life meant nothing to me anymore I was a void. I needed a way to get money so I turned to prostitution, but nobody wanted a messed up ugly girl like me. I was skin and bones and I could see it I just didn’t have the strength to stop myself. Life was bad and if I wanted any help I had only one choice my parents. Going to them was a thing I was not proud of. When I showed up at their door step I could tell they were dumbfounded. I could imagine what was going through their minds when they first saw me. “Who is this?” “This cant be our daughter.” I swallowed my pride and asked for their help. They put me in rehab every minute I though about Royce. My phone calls were wasted on trying to reach him. When I was all better and was able to leave the clinic I decided to go see him. I wasn’t going to get drugs from him; I wanted to help him out. I unlocked the
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