Jenny Tong's Short Biography

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Jenny’s Tong Short Biography Born in Winter Park, Florida, I have been living in Orlando for eighteen years. My teachers describe me as a responsible leader with characteristics of intelligence, perseverance, dedication and consideration. I am always optimistic and passionate about life, believing my extra work can make a difference in the community and my life. The most significant event in my life is that I grew up with my disabled father. My dad has been suffering from late-stage liver cirrhosis. This terrible illness caused his permanent disability, which has changed my life in many ways. My dad’s attitude toward the disease taught me to persevere in the face of difficulties while staying strong. The hardship molded my approach towards adversity and helped me mature quickly to take responsibility as a leader. Learning how to deal with issues in a decisive manner translated to my attitudes outside the family circle. I organized a female string quartet in the early teens and we did so well in the community that even the Orlando Sentinel and Channel 13 reported my story. My early leadership skills paved the way for me to take a leader/concertmaster position for the All Orange County High School Orchestra and which has over 100 members. As the president of the National Mu Alpha Theta Math Club, I organized and participated tutoring opportunities for members to volunteer our time with students. I initiated using the web as

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