Jenny from Forrest Gump Personality Trait Analysis Essay

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The relationship between Jenny and Forrest is initially looked at as Forrest’s savior, but Jenny also saw it as a way to escape her father when they were children, then later giving Forrest the role of safety net. He was always there when Jenny needed someone to lean on. She cares for Forrest very much and while she is kindhearted, she has also shown how selfish and self-destructing she is. By the end of her life she redeems herself by fulfilling Forrest’s dream to marry her while simultaneously leaving her son with his father to be taken care of. We first meet Jenny when she altruistically offers Forrest the seat next to her on the bus when all the other children said “this seat’s taken.” After that Jenny and Forrest became best…show more content…
“It is possible that the use of certain drugs occasionally generates what we call selflessness. Such experiences are temporary, as they depend on the psychopharmacological actions of the substances” (Dambrun & Ricard, 2011, p. 151). There is a man sleeping in the bed and she goes out onto the balcony, climbs up on the railing and prepares to jump. She changes her mind but is obviously distraught and has a mental breakdown, crying. Sometime afterwards, she goes back to Greenbow, Alabama and Forrest. They are happy for a short time; Jenny even confronting the house she was born in and lived with her father but one night Forrest asks her to marry him and she rejects him saying she is not the kind of girl he wants to marry. “Researchers found those with a history of abuse experienced greater symptomatic distress, poorer interpersonal functioning, and lower self-esteem compared with a clinical sample with no abuse history” (Price, et al., 2004, p. 379). Hurt and angry, Forrest walks away but later that night Jenny comes to him, tells him she does love him and they have sex. The instinct to flee rears its head and by the time Forrest wakes up in the morning, Jenny has left. “Individuals who experience emotionally abusive attachment relationships in childhood are at a distinct disadvantage in interpersonal contexts because they develop a distorted understanding of what loving and caring relationships

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