Essay about Jenny's Personality; Interpretation of Forrest Gump

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Forrest Gump: Jenny’s Personality

Monday, August 22, 2011
PSY202 – Principles of Psychology

In this character analysis paper the character of Jenny Curran from the award winning movie Forrest Gump will be the subject of discussion. This paper will present an analysis of the Jenny’s personality as it is applicable to Psychodynamic theory. The paper will present my rationale for the choice to use the Psychodynamic theory to describe Jenny Curran’s personality. In addition, this paper will present a description of the psychodynamic theory utilizing the work of Sigmund Freud regarding personality development. The paper will contain a description of Jenny Curran, as well as, an analysis of her personality utilizing Psychodynamic theory
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“Anxiety represents a repetition of the early traumatic experience; Anxiety in the present is related to an earlier danger (Cervone, Pervin, Oliver 2005 p93).” Freud suggested in his psychoanalytic theory that anxiety result from conflict between the drive of the id instincts and the threat of punishment by the superego (Cervone, Pervin, Oliver 2005 p93).
“The Psychoanalytic theory places enormous emphasis on the role of early life events for later personality development (Cervone, Pervin, Oliver, 2005 p.112).” Jenny developed fixation in the oral and anal stages of her psychosexual stage. Jenny’s fixation in the oral stage manifested in substance abuse issues. Jenny’s fixation in the anal stage manifested in defiant personality and an inability to relate to authority.
Jenny was able to work through the fixation she developed in her psychosexual stages. She no longer needed to act out in behavior characteristic of those stages. Jenny was able to resolve the conflict between the id and the ego and she no longer received punishment from the superego that made behavior unhealthy. Jenny developed into a

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