Jensen Shoe Essay

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Case Analysis: Jensen Shoe

Introduction Jensen Shoe explains a situation between an employee (Lyndon Brooks) and his immediate supervisor (Jane Kravitz). Here, both parties came into a situation with different motivations and perceptions. Brooks felt that he was being demoted by being taken off the line management and this interfered with his plans of advancing within the company. While, Kravitz also wanted to be a successful manager and have her team complete their task at hand. The initial working conditions started off well however, it took a turn for the worse once Brooks voiced his concern with his ability to complete both of his s.o.’s. This led to more discussions and they renegotiating how much work Brooks was to
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Also, he was embarrassed by the extra attention that she gave him after he completed his environment project. His insecurities regarding his past work could have played a factor in it, and it shows that sometimes the Hawthorne effect does not necessarily always increase job productivity and satisfaction. Brooks came into this with a whole different set of motivations. He had his own agenda to advance within the company, get back into line management, and have upper management recognize his worth. Thus, because of the extra attention that he was receiving he produced high quality work for the environmental project. Also, he planned to use the San Diego trip as a way to explore outside job opportunities. As a result of his lack of enthusiasm, Kravitz then pushed harder for him to complete his task on time. Brooks then started to question whether she was on his side and felt that she was being unreasonable with his request. He grew wary of her and felt that she was only in it to advance her own career. Here, selective perception is playing a part, because he is now only trying to find the things that support his conclusion that Kravitz is no longer supporting him. In addition, there is an issue with over confidence bias. Brooks over estimates his own abilities and adamantly believes that he should be in management. Due to his superior attitude, it prevented him from being an effective team member under Kravitz’ management.

Kravitz’s Standpoint Kravitz
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