Jeopardy: A Short Story

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he defense lawyer moved to dismiss the new trial date, arguing that jeopardy had attached at the first trial. Has jeopardy already attached? It’s definitely not A or B. When the jury or first witness is sworn? ...being tried for cocaine possession…scheduled for 9:00AM…9:15AM the prosecutor received a note...motioned to postpone.
“Oh! Emily could totally pass as a sociopath, I mean she’s violate, enjoys dissecting things and is completely antisocial or empathetic for that matter,” Sophie exclaims.
“Maybe I am a sociopath,” I state flatly still contemplating the problem. Looking up, I recount, “Remember that week when you kept showing me pictures of ‘cute’ animals to try to get me to react?” Turning towards Zach, she fills him in: “I mean I
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Or maybe it was a mercy killing.” No, I finish in my head, she had to have done it to see him again, but why? Realization dawned on me as I speedily shout, “She just wanted to see him again and because he was at her mother’s funeral as family he’s probably related somehow to her and her sister so she kills her sister cause she can’t kill herself!”
“Oh my God! You actually are a psychopath/sociopath.” Sophie exclaims with that mostly-amused look on her face. “Anyways…”
I stop paying attention and turn back to my problem. Witnesses doesn’t really make sense, cause can’t you still have a jury trial without witnesses? I turn to the back and read the answer: “Umm.”

“What are you reading about?” I find myself asking the asian girl who was apparently a psychopath now. She ignores me, flips to the back of her worn, tan textbook and studies whatever she just found out. How am I supposed to tell my mom that after spending three days at orientation, I still haven’t made a single friend? I mean, she probably won’t really mind and after a while will just forget it or whatever. Am I honestly that weird to everybody? The girl flips back to her previous page and face scrunches up as she rereads the passage over and over. I might as well just try again. What the hell, right? I lean over a little, trying to catch a glimpse of what she’s reading. Bribery… arson… Cocaine… What the heck? I start to freak out. Were the other two being serious?
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I can sue you for once for stealing my pink pencil and I can sue you separately for stealing my green pencil which I would say occurred at a different event. So that’s one way there could be two trials basically about the same case. Of course, multiple people can sue separately about the same event. In the bigger cases, the defendant could be charged with a thousand charges and the charges can all be charged separately. Then, if there was a mistrial or no final verdict, the process can get retried. Did that answer your question correctly? Sorry, I’m not really good at
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