Jeremiah's Sermon On The World Of Judah

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Jeremiah was a prophet in the nation of Judah, specifically he prophesied to the city of Jerusalem about the coming destruction that it faced. He was the son of a priest named Hilkiah. Jeremiah was born in the town of Anathoth which belonged to the tribe of Benjamin. God spoke to him while he was a young man, when good King Josiah was on the throne of Judah. God had called and set Jeremiah apart to be a prophet before he was born. Jeremiah did not believe that he was capable to be a spokesman for the Lord because of his age, but God equipped and strengthened him. Jeremiah’s message was from God and he did not need to fear the people because the Lord gave Jeremiah the authority. Jeremiah’s calling was confirmed by two visions that God gave to him. At the age of 20 years old, in 626 B.C. Jeremiah began his prophecy against Jerusalem and Judah. The Lord showed Jeremiah visions and pictures of the sin of Jerusalem so that he could relate it to the people. God gave the prophet the ability to see and understand these visions of future events so that he could reveal God’s plan to the nations. Jeremiah would cry out in the ears of the people until the third and final destruction of Jerusalem in 587 B.C. by the Babylonians. During his life, Jeremiah faced many hardships and trials. His life is described as lonely, and his ministry seemed to bring very little profit. He is sometimes referred to as the “weeping prophet” because of these difficulties. Through it all, God never left

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