Jeremie Kubicek: Video Analysis

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This paper will be listing and describing the 5 GEARS that were mentioned in Jeremie Kubicek’s video. The gears are: “Reverse – Responsive Gear - backing up restarting or – apologizing when necessary; First Gear – Recharge Mode – when you fully rest and recharge; Second Gear – Connect Mode when you connect with family or friends without the involvement of work; Third gear – Social Mode when you are socializing; Fourth Gear – Task Mode when you are working and multi-tasking and Fifth Gear – Focus Mode when you are fully focused and 'in the zone,' working without interruption”, (Kubicek, 2015, p. 39). In explaining how I feel that I am personally doing at mastering the art of driving a five-speed and shifting the stick shift with ease and
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