Jeremy Bentham: Political Activist and English Philosopher

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Introduction Better known as a political activist and English philosopher, Jeremy Bentham is mainly remembered for his contribution on moral philosophy and most particularly his views on the utilitarianism principle. In this text, I develop Jeremy Bentham's biography while detailing some of his main contributions to the study of ethics. Jeremy Bentham: Biography and Contribution to the Study of Ethics Born in 1748 to attorney parents, Jeremy Bentham lived at a time when significant changes were taking place at the economic, political and social fronts. In some accounts, it is claimed that Bentham was a child prodigy especially given that he was only three years old when he started reading history (Pomerleau 273). At the age of 12 (in 1760), Bentham enrolled at Queens College, Oxford and four years later, he graduated from the same having attained a Bachelors degree. Soon after, he enrolled for legal studies at Lincoln's Inn (Orth 710). However, instead of practicing law even after qualifying, he instead devoted much of his time to drafting commentaries on diverse legal reform subjects. With most of his time spend studying and writing, Bentham was able to come up with writings on a wide range of theoretical legal questions and social institutions reform ideas. In this way, Bentham's work did have a significant impact on political philosophy. According to Wintle, one of Bentham's "most famous and influential work was the Introduction to the Principles of Morals and

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