Jeremy Bentham's Utilitarianism is a Convincing Method for Normatic Ethics

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Utilitarianism has been recognized as a convincing method regarding normative ethics, utilitarianism wasn’t fully expressed until the 19th century. Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill, acknowledged the good with pleasure. Both of the philosophers believed we ought to make the most of the good, everyone's happiness is the same no matter what type of happiness it is. When one fulfills their good, it doesn’t mean one’s individual good doesn’t count more when compared to someone else’s good. Jeremy Bentham was born on February 15th, 1748 in Houndsditch, London and died on June 6th 1832. He was a British philosopher who founded modern utilitarianism. Anglo- American philosophy of law was very important to Bentham, he was the leading philosopher of this law and he also influenced the idea of human well-being. Bentham was a strong advocator for the community and their people when it came to economic liberty, freedom of express, equal rights especially for women, discrimination of homosexuals and their acts, separation of church and state and a right to file for divorce. He made an effort to eliminate the death penalty, to stop bondage and to eliminate physical punishment which included children. One of them main reason Jeremy Bentham was very well-known was because was an advocator for animal rights (Sweet, 1969). Bentham attended Westminster School located in Simsbury, Connecticut, he went off to The Queen's College, Oxford, got his Bachelor's degree in 1763 and three

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