Jeremy Playing Basketball Essay

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jeremy was obsessed with basketball. he ate, slept, and breathed basketball. eventhough he had no skill at playing basketball he still loved to watch, and read about basketball. jeremy tried to get better but he saw no results. He started getting into basketball when his grandfather, ervin johnson, a nba hall of famer started taking jeremy to all his games. his favorite player was lebron james. he loved the way he attacked the basket and tried to emulate his moves but failed. he always idolized him ever since he was drafted in the 2003 draft.
While walking home from his friend michael he noticed an orange flyer stating their will be basketball tryouts after school in the gym today on Jackson street the whole week. jeremy thought it was a bad idea to try to join but couldn’t resist the urge of basketball. He went to the gym for tryouts. There weren't a lot of kids there. The coach gave
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The next day of practice jeremy noticed a piece of paper on the bulletin board, it had a list of people who made the team on it. Jeremy was happy to see his name on it. The coach gave everyone who made the team a list of game leading up to the championship in 3 weeks. Their games were every Saturday. Jeremy was ready and with the magic sleeve he couldn't lose. He continued amazing his team mates and making his coach happy. Practice was over and it was time to go home.
It was their first game and Jeremy was ready. He pull out his secret weapon and went to work. Every came to watch the game. Tipoff started which officially made the game it was time to play. the center on jeremy’s team won the tipoff. Jeremy had the ball in his hand with a grin. on his face. After 40 mins of play in 4 quarters Jeremy stole the show with 45 points, 19 assist and 12 rebounds. He was playing as if it were the finals. The crowd went crazy for jeremy. his level of play made his quickly popular in his
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