Jerry Colangelo College Of Business Case Study

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When I decided to attend Grand Canyon University, I had a thought of pursuing a major in business. After looking at everything Colangelo College of Business (CCOB) had to offer, I was feeling ecstatic and knew this was a perfect fit for me. The story of Jerry Colangelo is very inspirational, and I am proud to be a part of his program. Dean Randy Gibb is a great leader for the college, and his thoughts are very clear. Dr. Gibb states: “Our foundation is based upon servant leadership, ethics, and entrepreneurism – three attributes that move us forward as tomorrow’s business college for today’s student”. This statement clearly defines the college, and I like how simple he makes it. I am excited for the next 3 years; in which I hope to meet Dean Randy Gibb. Having support in college is a must, I am very glad GCU assigns a student services advisor for us. The contact information for your SSA is located on the front page of the GCU student portal. This information includes: Name, Email, and Phone Number. I will definitely be using my SSA in the near future. Spiritual life is a huge part of being a student at GCU. I do not know much about the Christian faith, but I will learn more about it with my time here at GCU. To find information on chapel, you have to find the…show more content…
I chose this degree because of the wide variety of options I can pursue post-graduation. I currently work in hospitality, it’s definitely a profession I enjoy. I have thought about changing my major to hospitality management, but I worry about being limited in potential career options. My thought is, a business administration degree will still prepare me for a career in hospitality, but I can also branch out into a different profession. My program in Business Administration consists of 14 core courses, totaling as 56 credits. I am beyond excited to finish the general education classes, and shift focus to all business related
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