Jerry Coyne 's Why Evolution Is True?

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Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution Is True?
Sainte Leo University
Mallory Ansel

Abstract In this paper, I will discuss the theory of evolution and the concepts applied throughout the chapters of Jerry A. Coyne’s, Why Evolution is True. In each section, I will summarize the chapter, explain what the contents of that chapter mean to me, and explain how I apply them to my belief system. You may notice throughout the paper I switch between support of evolution and support of creationism; and this is because it is truly how I stand on the subject.
Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution Is True? Evolution is the process by which all species have gradually developed from a singular common ancestor. The evolutionary theory has developed over time; it states that all species (mammals, insects, birds and reptiles alike) all originated from a single celled organism that existed roughly 3.8 billion years ago. The scientific use of the word “theory” proclaims something that is as solidly established as any scientific fact. When using the word theory scientifically, it is defined as an idea that has evidence and fact to back the truth of the assumption. In science, a theory is only true as long as there is no evidence to disprove it 's conclusions. As it is known today, evolution is a theory that explains the diversities, yet similarities between all species that have ever walked the Earth.
My Personal Beliefs Before This Course Coming into Your Inner Fish, I was uneasy but excited. I

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