Jerry Hendrickson Research Paper

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When I first met Jerry Hendrickson, I thought he was pretty outgoing. I was sitting with my friend, Maddie, at a table in the corner of the dining room at Morningside of Branson Meadows. He was laughing already, which made me think he was a jokester. We were instantly able to hit it off because he was really easy to talk to, which made asking questions and actually connecting with him a lot easier.
He started off by telling us about his childhood, which was rough, but he did not let that tear down his spirit. Which is something I look up to because I have dealt with similar situations with my family. He was born in 1931 and lived with his mom, dad, and sister. He had two brothers as well, but they did not live with him, instead they lived
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He was only sixteen so he had to fake his birth certificate so he could enlist. While in the Navy, Jerry got a lot of education he never got when he lived with his parents, and got a lot of training. He went to military and contractor schools, which helped him learn a lot, but that was not enough for young Jerry. Jerry was a Petty Officer 2nd Class and an aircraft engine mechanic while in the Navy. Three months before his three year contract ended with the Navy, the Korean War began, so Jerry could not be discharged. This led to him reenlisting in the Navy for another six years. After the time he served in the Navy, someone suggested he go to the Air Force.His brother suggested he go to San Antonio, Texas. While in the Air force, Jerry was in the tech services for five years, and he also was very interested in airplanes. He served in the Air Force for eleven years, and then retired at the age of 36 as a Senior Master Sergeant.. Which is pretty impressive I think because he explained to us that a Senior Master Sergeant as being a higher rank than Master Sergeant, but not the highest rank one can receive. A Senior Master Sergeant is the fourth Non-Commissioned Officer rank in the Air
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