Jerry Sandusky's Case Analysis

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There is criminal liability for Jerry Sandusky because under Pennsylvania law, he lied about his relationships with the young victims of the case. "Under Pennsylvania law, as in other jurisdictions, perjury refers to knowingly lying while under oath. Obstruction of justice describes interference with the administration of justice, such as by concealing evidence or delaying or frustrating a criminal investigation" (McCann). Sandusky committed perjury and obstruction of justice because he abused his position as assistant coach, therefore he should have been charge of the crimes. During the time he was an assistant coach and his retirement, he had contact with the young victims who were a part of the program that he helped create for children in need. Some victims such as victim 1 stayed at his house and Sandusky called him out class for private wrestling sessions, which looked very odd to the wrestling coach. "Joseph Miller testi ed that he was head wrestling coach for the elementary wrestling program for that school district. He knew Victim 1, who had wrestled for him. Miller corroborated that one evening in 2006 or 2007, he returned to the high school to retrieve something he had forgotten. He saw a light on in the weight room which should have been turned off and when he went in, he discovered Victim 1 and Sandusky, lying on their sides, in physical contact, face to face on a mat. He said both Victim 1 and Sandusky were surprised to see him enter the room. He recalls

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