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A Memorandum for Patient Displacement and Relocation
Jacqueline Black
December 8th, 2014
Tricia Tran

On February 20th 2015, Newfoundland assistance Living Center will become the new owners of KinderCare Nursing Home, in their efforts to accommodate and afford the baby boomer generation, a more productive and healthier way of life, Newfoundland Assistance Living Center is creating a self-sustained facility for the 55 year old and older crowd, who only need a minimal amount of care and assistance.
As Administrator, it is the sole responsibility of this facility and all its medical affiliates to ensure that the appropriate placement is found and obtain for the residents of KinderCare Nursing Home, who need maximum assistance
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Jacqueline Black

KinderCare Nursing Home
0000 West Standby Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85041

December 2, 2014

Dear Sir/Madam

KinderCare Nursing Home is being purchased by Newfoundland Assistance Living Center; KinderCare will be closing on February 20th 2015.

I am writing to thank you for the honor of caring for your family member for many years; it has been a great pleasure in having the responsibility of your love one to care for.

We will be providing all residents the option of replacement care; KinderCare Nursing Home respects your choice and decision in the placement care of your love one, However if you chose to use one of our options for continued care.

Please feel to contact KinderCare, before February 20th 2015 for further assistance.


Jacqueline Black

No HIPAA violations

Thirdly, the Support Coordinator shall identify family or close friends of the residents, telephonically, by email or web newsletter, alerting all concerned parties to the situation and circumstance about the displacement and replace of the residents. The support Coordinator will provide options to the family for placement if needed. To stay within the define methods of HIPAA please be advise to only communicate in private, according to Michael McBride (2012), “Get to know the site and remove identifiable information familiarize yourselves with how the various
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