Jeryl Haye Abortion Debate

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Abortion is the ending of pregnancy by removing a fetus or embryo before it can survive outside the uterus. There is also a different kind of abortion which occurs spontaneously and is also known as a miscarriage. What are these? Are you trying to show resources. Whatever the following is, it is completely confusing and not appropriate for this paper. (Thirty-nine as of December 2013- currently enforce laws that require a young woman to notify or obtain consent from one or both parents before she can receive abortion care).(Thirty-nine; Jeryl Hayes) (Yet research has shown that these laws often delay young access, endangering young women’s health and safety, and leaving too many alone and afraid.) (Yet; Jeryl Hayes) Having an abortion does…show more content…
Most religions treat abortions as a sin, and they do not approve of it at all. Everyone has their own opinion on that subject. Teenagers are having abortions for the wrong reasons. They have intercourse at such a young age, and then they end up pregnant, not knowing at the end what to do with the situation. Having a big responsibility at such a young age is not fun at all. That is why every state should have the right to ask for a consent from at least one parent so that the parents would also know what is going on with their own child. There is are also rape victims that do not want to have the baby of their rapist, rapper which is a good reason to have an abortion, but the rape victim (do not use second person you) should also get a consent from a parent and make sure that is the best decision you are she can make as a teenager. Also, a lot of people have abortions because of failed contraception, which is also why a young teen girl should know exactly what you are she is doing before getting pregnant and needing to have an abortion. That is another reason a consent form should be needed by a parent parents so the parents can at least know what their teenager is doing at such a young
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