Jesse, By Robert Ford

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Jesse was born on September 5, 1847 in Kearney, Missouri. He lived all the way up to April 3, 1882. He was assassinated by Robert Ford. Robert Ford shot Jesse in the back of the head while he was turned around to fix a picture on the wall. Robert Ford was one of the members in the gang. Jesse lived to be a bank robber best known as the leading member of the James-Younger gang of outlaws. He and his brother Frank served in the Confederate Army. They were both 16 when they became Confederate guerrilla soldiers. Jesse James was married to Zerelda Mimms which was also his first cousin and they had two kids. Zerelda was his longtime sweetheart. This did not change Jesse’s life as to being a criminal. The James brothers wanted one more robbery with Charlie and Bob Ford. They had no clue that the Governor of Missouri had put a reward out for the gang and that it turned his partner in crime Robert Ford into killing Jesse for the reward. Everyone in Missouri were enraged on how they captured Jesse, It was a cowardly assassination. Jesse’s father Robert James passed away in 1850 from cholera. Their mother Zerelda Zee didn’t seem to hurt by it as she was already remarried. Some say that their new stepfather is the reason they started robbing and murdering later on in life. Their stepfather treated them like they were nothing but dirt.The step father didn’t care about Jesse and his brother. Zerelda Zee and him soon divorced and she was remarried for the third time. Jesse had two

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