Jesse Jackson Once Stated “Deliberation And Debate Is The

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Jesse Jackson once stated “Deliberation and debate is the way you stir the soul of our Democracy” and he couldn 't of been more right. From the very beginning, Democracy was fueled by the passion of individuals to fight for liberty and equal right. Today, it still acts in the same degree. Although, to what degree should Democracy allow it’s citizens to participate in government and have a say in decision making? Gutmann and Thompson book “Deliberative Democracy” and Brennan 's book “Against Democracy” offer readers two very different outlooks on what democracy is and the way in which it should work in order to be efficient for society. Deliberate Democracy is defined by Gutmann and Thompson as “affirming the need to justify decisions made…show more content…
For example, The U.S. government is a prime example of this. Although laws and policies are put into place,our constitution is made to be flexible and changeable due to changing times. The ultimate goal is to make more concrete decisions to be more stable, even though sometimes it doesn 't always work out in this way. It’s important for our government to be flexible but stable at the same time in order to remain successful. Gutmann and Thompson find great value in the concept of Deliberative Democracy due to it’s ability to add morality to politics. Often enough it 's easy for leaders self-motivated ideas and perspectives to overwhelm a government in policy and decision making. Deliberative Democracy makes it possible for the people as a whole to have a say in government. Unlike in Communist countries, people’s opinions are valued and taken into consideration in Democracy. With more opinions and ideas brought into government, it makes citizens feel more involvement and important.As well as, individual growth in learning of others perspectives.Increased discussion and debates in politics also leads to more likelihood of finding a solution that will satisfy a larger group of people. Although this common goal of Deliberative Democracy, some people are a Consensus Democrat. A Consensus Democrat is someone who believes in the greater good but doesn 't necessarily believe that it’s obtainable. However, to give up on the greater good would lead to failure and chaos in

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