Jesse James Made History By Making The First Successful Train Robbery

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Jesse James made history by making the first successful train robbery. This exchange drew attention to the infamous criminal and his gang. These high profile robberies influenced many writers to explore the idea of Jesse James being a romanticized hero, and a western folk hero. Jesse James, the notorious outlaw and alleged hero, was born September 5th, 1847, near Kearney, Missouri. He had one brother, Franklin James, and their mother was Zerelda. Their father Robert James, had left his young family to go to the California gold fields to minister. He died soon after he arrived there, and Jesse’s mother remarried quickly. Zerelda remarried three times. Her second husband was Benjamin Simms. It was said that their stepfather abused the…show more content…
Jesse James and his gang planned and succeeded at the first robbery of a moving train. They robbed the train the evening of July 21st, 1873. The train was only a mile and a half west of Adair, Iowa. Early in July they learned that $75,000 was going to come through Adair, and started devising a plan to rob it. Jesse sent his brother Frank and Cole Younger to go to Omaha and acquire more information about when the gold shipment was going to go through. When they received this information they were quick to devise a plan. They managed to pull out the spikes connecting the rails using a rope, and jerk the railroad out of the ground. By doing this they were able to send the engine into a ditch, and topple the train onto the side. Two of the gang members, supposedly Jesse and Frank, broke into the safe. They only discovered $2,000. The shipment had been delayed, so they only ended up collecting $3,000 from the gold shipment and from pilfering the passengers. Often times robberies would not be as plentiful as they hoped. They would not end up getting as much money as they hoped. Frank James was quoted saying "We sometime didn 't get enough to buy oats for our horses. Most banks had very little money in them." But there is one robbery that they say was the most disastrous, and the most famous. On September 7th, 1876 the James gang was almost destroyed while attempting to rob the First National Bank, in Northfield

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