Jesse James : Outlaw Or Hero?

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Bre Keil-Sauter
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8 November, 2014

Jesse James: Outlaw Or Hero?
Jesse James, a man who has been viewed for decades as an outlaw, lived during the Civil War. During the Civil War, many forms of combat existed. One of the most common forms for the South, otherwise known as the Confederate States of America, were groups of guerrilla bands. A guerrilla band is a group of armed civilians that use military tactics such as raids, sabotages, ambushes, hit-and-run, petty warfare, and mobility to fight a usually larger, less-mobile and traditional military unit. These guerillas had forever changed the course of what is known as the bloodiest war in American history. One of the most common types of guerillas during this time was what was known as bushwhackers. Bushwhackers were Southern supporters that were uniformed and had no affiliation with the Confederate army. These groups were useful because Union soldiers had no way of distinguishing the difference between a bushwhacker and a southern resident who posed no threat to them. Jesse James and his older brother Frank James were two of the most successful bushwhackers in Civil War history. (Guerrilla Warfare; Kozikowski)

In terms of American History, most people view Jesse James as a classic example of a white gang member who lived during the civil war. He has been referred to as the American Robinhood for decades; this image continues even today. Even after the Civil War had…
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