Jesse James : The Greatest Rebel And Outlaw

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Jesse James is the most legendary outlaw that has ever lived over his life he robbed 12 banks and 7 trains and more than 3 million dollars today. From the hardships of his childhood, to the civil war has made him in to the man he was. From hi training as a guerilla fighter for the south in the civil war to getting shot twice and nearly escaping death. That is why he is the greatest rebel and outlaw in History. *note = “Jesse James Legendary Rebel and Outlaw” Robinson is the author and #95 is the page number where the info was found in Robinsons book Jesse James one of the most wanted men in American history was the son of a Baptist minister. Robert James (Jesse’s father) met his wife while he was attending college in Kentucky. 16 year old Zerelda Cole, they got married in December 1841. When they moved back to Kearny Missouri to live with Robert James’s mother. Eldest son Alexander Franklin James, also called Frank was born January 10, 1843 when Zerelda was nearly 18. After a second son died in infancy, Zerelda gave birth to Jesse. Susan was born 1849, for a short time the James farm was good. It was a great place for three white kids to grow up, at least. For the James family seven slaves it was like a prison. Like many in that community The James family believed in slavery. Shortly after Jesses birth the word of gold in California had reached Missouri. In 1850 Robert James left his wife a three children go and look for gold in California. *note “Jesse James”
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