Jesse Owens: A Life Of An Athlete

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When Jesse Owens was a boy he loved to run and because of that he started to run in competitions and events and and as the years past he was a able to get faster and he ended up winning more and more races he entered. By the time he was in highschool he had caught the attention of a mentor Charles Riley. After Charles met Jesse he had set up special trainings for him before and after school. And after a year he was running the 100m dash in 11 seconds and after another year he had broken 3 worlds records and matched two more records. During this time he had been dating a girl named Minnie “Ruth” Solomon they have been dating since the start of high school. They would stay together until death. Once Jesse finished high school he went on to…show more content…
His Daughters say there was never any yelling he was very patient and calm. When he was home he never bragged about winning 4 gold medals in ony Olympic game or how he was faster then most men all he would do is ask how did your day go. where you listening to your mother, are you helping your mother.
He never showed off his medals. But he did have an entire room of pictures of the family. When Jesse Owens was running low on money he would race Horses to earn money he won few races against horse but lost few too. He made a lot of money racing horses. Another reason he started to race horses is because there was another man who could match his speed. Once Jesse got to a certain age and he was to old to race he started to appear on T.V. and movies.
A Show he appeared on was called “What’s My Line?” and he was a Co-Host for a few episodes. Something else he appeared on was a Radio Talk Show. He has Also written a few books “The Jesse Owens Story”, “Jesse, a Spiritual autobiography”. When Jesse was 64 he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Once he found out that he has Lung Cancer he said his Goodbyes to Everyone. The last thing he did was give everything he won to his wife and
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