Jessica's Tragic Figures: A Narrative Fiction

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Fear They met eyes. Jessica was ready to leave when she saw Luke. Luke glanced at her and gave a grin. She gave a smile back. He officially met her outside, and asked her on a date. She eventually agreed. He picked her up and they both went to the carnival. They rode rides and grabbed some cotton candy. They talked and held hands. Luke then drove Jessica home, he then kissed her. Before long, they were an official couple. He loves her, and she fell in love with him. Jessica introduced Luke to her family. Her mother and little brother greeted him. He seemed sweet and caring. He helped her mother with the garden. With her little brother helping them. Jessica's father seemed to dislike Luke. Luke always picked Jessica up from High School, they always hung out. Jessica's like that. He believed that Luke was a bad influence on Jessica. He had told Luke to stay away from Jessica. Unfortunately,…show more content…
A Luke that she had never seen before. Afterschool, Jessica was hanging out with her friend, her friend being a boy. His name was Kevin, him being her best friend. As soon as Luke saw Jessica hug Kevin, he got out of his car, and began to fight with Kevin. Jessica screamed for Luke to stop. He eventually stopped and looked at Jessica, he tried to say he was sorry, but Jessica just screamed "GO AWAY!", while helping Kevin to his feet. Luke then got into his car and left. Jessica hugged Kevin once more and apologized. Kevin said "It's not your fault...". Kevin then takes a shortcut through the woods, where he sees Luke. Luke approaches Kevin. Kevin starts to back up, but then trips and falls. Luke then grabs Kevin's head and cracks his neck, killing him. When Jessica gets home, she tells her father what had happened. It was Saturday the next day, her family went out to eat. As she walks to the restroom, Luke tries to talk to her, she ignores him. Afterschool, she stays away from him. She doesn't accept his gifts or phone
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